Pool Deck & Patio Cleaning

Summers in East Texas are hot, which is why so many homeowners in the area make sure that the nearest swimming pool is right in their own backyard. Poseidon Power Washing can help make sure your pool area is ready for a summer full of fun with our pool deck cleaning service.

It’s A Matter Of Safety

Your back patio and pool deck are typically one of the highest-trafficked areas of your home, and also one of the wettest. With family and friends coming in and out of the pool, minerals will be deposited onto your pool deck. As the water dries under that hot summer sun, they begin to build up — and let's face it, dirt, algae, and calcium deposits don’t exactly spell summer fun!

But what’s more, these kinds of buildups are extremely slippery when wet which can turn your fun zone into a major safety hazard. Each year, hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits are due to slip and fall accidents, but you don’t have to be one of them! With our pool deck cleaning service you can expect:

Improved Traction

By removing the layers of mildew, algae, and dirt from the surface of your pool deck, traction is greatly improved, improving safety and reducing slip and fall accidents.

Extend Deck Life

When you maintain your pool deck with professional soft washing, the surface lasts much longer, eliminating the need for costly premature repairs and replacement.

Increase Value & Appeal

You want your pool deck to look great, and our professional pool deck cleaning service ensures that the first impression your deck and backyard make is a great one!

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Our Pool Deck Cleaning Service

Due to the stubborn nature of many stains around the pool deck, it’s not always possible to remove them with a simple scrub. But no matter what is ailing your pool deck, Poseidon Power Washing has the answer!

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, professional-grade cleansers, and industry-leading techniques, we can remove years of buildup safely and efficiently — no matter the surface type of your pool deck! As we carefully work our way around your pool deck, you can be sure that our keen eye and attention to detail means that your pool deck will be a safer, more inviting area for you and your guests.

Long Live The Fun!

At Poseidon Power Washing, we want you and your family to enjoy your poolside sanctuary in the safest way possible. Our pool deck cleaning service is designed to be efficient and effective at keeping this high-traffic area as safe and as beautiful as possible. So get ready to enjoy your pool this summer by joining the many other homeowners in the Tyler, TX area that have experienced the improvement in ambiance and complete satisfaction that pool deck cleaning from Poseidon Power Washing can bring!

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The Pro Who Trains Other Pros

When it comes to the cleanliness of your home or commercial property, you want to make sure that you are hiring an expert to care of it. Joseph Rogers, the owner of Poseidon Power Washing, is proud to be the ONLY member of Softwash Systems Pro Staff in the area.

What does that mean for you? It means that with Poseidon Power Washing, you’ll be hiring the pro whom other pros turn to for cleaning advice and training.

Sanitization & Disinfection Experts

We've heard these terms for years, but with the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), these words have taken on new importance in their meaning. Poseidon Power Washing has been a trusted name and a fixture in the Tyler, TX area for years. During that time, we have cleaned and sanitized many of the area's commercial and residential properties.  Disinfection and sanitizing have been a normal part of our business since the beginning. Whether you need a one-time sanitizing project or a full-time maintenance schedule, we can help!

We Clean Just About Anything!

From vinyl and brick siding to multi-building apartment communities and even vast parking lots, the power washing professionals at Poseidon Power Washing can soft pressure wash almost anything! You can always count on amazing results and friendly service with us! We are proud to serve these great communities: